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Gah, So Busy, Busy, Busy!
8.28.2014 posted by Jade

Hey guys, sorry I haven't updated in a while. I've been really slammed at work with some huge projects, I'm still trying to unpack and settle in from moving, and on top of that my new house doesn't have high speed cable internet so I'm stuck using a slower satellite connection. What that ultimately means is that I'm behind on V2 and it's not ready to open this month because a lot of our old functionality hasn't been moved over to the new game yet. So what I'd like to do to keep you informed on how the progress is going by posting what's been done so far and what I still have left to do along with a % completion which will allow you to follow along with where V2 stands.

New Servers?
I've been looking into moving the game to some new cloud servers which would make it easier for us to scale and get our site speeds up again. Our current setup has been having a lot of speed issues despite my best efforts at optimization and the place I rent the servers from has been bought out by IBM. IBM's customer service has been totally crappy along with a bunch of price hikes that they're going to be doing at the end of the year for licensing of the operating system we're using. I can't afford the price increases so I think a better solution is in order. The downside of moving to cloud servers is that I may have to restrict the game to players who are 13 or older due to COPPA restrictions. Right now I'm looking to see if I can find an alternative to doing that but so far I haven't found a viable alternative.

V2 Progress
To see where I stand with V2 please click on the Version 2 tab. I will continue to update it with progress on a weekly basis.

Red Barn
7.28.2014 posted by Jade

We had the barn painted last week and the fences were just finished this past weekend. The horses will be moving into their new home soon.

Newly painted barn
The newly painted barn.

Shedrow side of the barn
The shedrow side of the barn

Fencing installed
The fencing around our sacrafice has been installed.

Version 2.0 Is Coming!
7.24.2014 posted by Jade

Version 2 Homepage
This is our new homepage.

Sooo.... the wait is nearly over!!!! V2 will open for BETA testing in mid to late August of next month. BETA accounts will be for testing only, which means they will be deleted and you will have to either import your account or create a new account when V2 is officially open. As things stand right now, the plan is for V2 to officially open by January of 2015 but I'm willing to adjust that date if the testing goes well or hold off until all bugs and issues in V2 have been address.

What Does That Mean For V1?
I will not replace V1 with V2 until all known V2 bugs have been fixed -- that is my promise to you. I'm asking for everyone to import or create an account on V2 when it opens and report any issues and problems you find to our new helpdesk system. No bug is too small so please report it even if you don't think it's a bug!!!

What About My Upgrades?
You won't loose your existing upgrades when we switch over to V2 as long as you import your old accounts into the new game. Upgrades will be changing but you will be getting comparable features and functionality to what you have now.

When Can I Start Playing V2 BETA?
I will post another article when I'm ready for people to start playing. Please, please, please create an account when I post V2 is open. The more people that are playing means the more testers I have to make sure V2 is working without issues and as it was intended to work.

Horsetastic! Observing
7.16.2014 posted by Jade
Horsetastic! Observing

Wow Hank, really? Read the latest comic.

Version 2

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