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International Helmet Awareness Day
7.28.2015 posted by Jade
Jade wearing her helmet! August 1st is International Helmet Awareness day so I've decided to share a picture of myself wearing my helmet and I want you guys to do the same! Anyone who sends us a photo wearing your riding helmet will get 5 game credits added to their account. Remember that wearing helmets saves lives and yours is 100% worth it!

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Login Issues
7.26.2015 posted by Jade
So yesterday we were having some issues with our server that was preventing people from logging into the game. This has been fixed and everything is up and working again. Appologies for the inconvenience and for the site being down for a few hours yesterday.
Contest Results
7.22.2015 posted by Jade
We had lots of great entries but the results are finally in. Congratulations to everyone who entered, the judge had a really hard time picking the winners. I don't have all the ID numbers for the winners so I'm just going to post the photos.



Best Tack

Best Background

Best Overall

You can see all of the entries if you visit our facebook page.
Coloring Contest - $100 in Horse.com Gift Cards
6.22.2015 posted by Jade

It's been a while since we've had a coloring contest so I thought it was about time we had one again. Pick one of the following breeds and design a creative look for it. There are four different categories you can enter and you can enter each category as many times as you want. You can send a photo of your entries to my email address or mail them to our PO box which I'll list below. You can color the horses digitally or with a traditional medium like crayon, colored pencils, paint, or whatever else you like. Entries are due by July 20th with winners announced on July 22nd. Good luck to everyone!


Realistic Coloring - $10 gift card to horse.com for the most realistically colored horse

Fantasy Coloring - $10 gift card to horse.com for the most creative and un-naturally colored horse

Best Tack Design Coloring - $10 gift card to horse.com for the best tack design, can be realistic or fantasy

Best Background Coloring - $10 gift card horse.com for the best designed background to go with your colored horse

The best overall entry will win a $60 gift card to horse.com!

Coloring Outlines
You can use any or all of these horse outlines for your entries!

French Trotter
Orlov Trotter
Quarter Horse
Shetland Pony

Sending Your Entry
You can email your entry or send it in the mail to our address, please mail your entries early so I get them on time:

White Oak Stables
PO Box 3448
Warrenton, VA 20188

Triple Krown Races
6.12.2015 posted by Jade

Kentuckyee Derby

So I wasn't planning on having the Triple Krown on the racing register this year but a few of the racing members decided they really wanted it and have sponsored the races. There's only a few entries left in these races so make sure you enter as soon as possible. The races are open to all flat breeds. If your horse wins all three legs of the Triple Krown you'll get a special trophy and a million dollars (game money of course!). Best of luck to all the entries.

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