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Horsetastic! Observing
7.16.2014 posted by Jade
Horsetastic! Observing

Wow Hank, really? Read the latest comic.

Busy Busy!
7.14.2014 posted by Jade

Wow I've been busy this summer trying to get everything ready and moved onto the farm so I am way behind on a lot of things I had planned to do this month! What have you been up to this summer? I hope you're keeping cool in the hot weather we've been having. I'm hoping to get information posted about the upcoming V2 beta testing that's scheduled for August within the next week or so. In the meantime here are some more pictures of the farm so you can see what I've been up to lately. You can visit the farm's website and like it on Facebook if you're interested in what's been going on.

Freshly cut fields
Our grass was finally long enough that we could cut it. Here are the freshly cut fields during the end of a storm.

Road down to the barn
The road down to the barn was finished.

Cleaning up the fields
Spent a few afternoons cleaning up the pastures of big rocks and roots which will also help the grass grow in.

Pasture debris
Some of the stuff we cleared out of the pasture to make better footing for the horses, we had 4 wheelbarrows full!

Wild raspberries
I found wild raspberries growing all around our property line. I wonder if they're safe to eat...?

Tack room
Installed the saddle racks and bridle hooks in the tack room.

Moving in
Starting to move in all of my horse tack, supplies and blankets.

Hay delivered
Got my first delivery of hay.

Stall shavings
Put lots of fresh shavings in the stalls for the horses.

Horse fencing in progress
Horse fencing in progress! The barn is getting painted red and white sometime this week :)

Barn Party Changes
6.22.2014 posted by Jade

I totally spaced out on the parties yesterday. Sorry guys. To make up for it we're having three parties today instead of just the one. The first two parties will be run by Bunny from the English register and I'll be running the last one. Remember that EST is the same as GT. If you need help figuring out what time the party starts for you try using this time zone converter.

Party Times

  • 11am EST - run by Bunny
  • 2pm EST - run by Bunny
  • 6pm EST - run by Jade

Horsetastic! Tokens of Affection
6.18.2014 posted by Jade
Horsetastic! Tokens of Affection

Katie loves giving the horses treats when she comes over to visit... Read the latest comic.

Barn Parties!
6.6.2014 posted by Jade

Whoo, it's summer time and the barn is finally finished! It still needs some paint and fencing but it's offically done. Let's kick off the summer fun with some chat room parties to celebrate. Never been to a chat party before? We play games, trivia and I give out prizes to the winners.

Party Times

  • Saturday June 21st - 9am EST (the same as GT)
  • Saturday June 21st - 9pm EST (the same as GT)
  • Sunday June 22nd - 6pm EST (the same as GT)

Final Barn Pictures!

Getting ready to install lights.

These are all the wires for the electrical.

The door is added to the tack room.

The stairs have been finished.

Inside the tack room.

This is the loft clubhouse.

Another view of the loft clubhouse.

This is the wash stall in progress.

They're framing the walls inside of the stalls.

Inside of the stalls now done, just waiting for stall mats.

Stall mats ready to go into the stalls.

Stall fronts, starting to clean up inside.

Each stall has it's own light and fan.

Lights installed in the center aisle.

Trim installed outside the barn.

Trim installed by the loft door.

View of the barn and the house from the big field.

The barn is all done! It just needs some paint and fencing :)

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