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Contest Results
6.27.2016 posted by jade@design1online.com
Hey guys, I'm sorry these are late things have been crazy at work lately and I've just had no time to update anything. The contest winner is #104500 Gemini Racing. Runner up is #78382 Into the Fray. Congrats guys!
Around The Farm
5.18.2016 posted by jade@design1online.com
Hey guys, I'm so glad it's finally warm out! Now the only problems is that we just got 2 weeks straight of rain, yuck. Our arena is officially finished even though we ran into several setbacks -- we hit rocks we had to dig out, then the contractor hit the electrical and broke it, then we had drainage issues which we had to fix by putting in a french drain and we had to take a bunch of fencing down to fix the grade where the arena went so I had to bring the horses to my friends house for two and a half weeks. It seems like it took forever but the farm is finally starting to get back to normal!!!

Mash-Up Photo Contest

This month we're going to have a photo editing contest. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to take a picture of a horse and combine it with a picture of another animal or object to create a unique, new breed of horse. You can submit as many entries as you'd like but the entries must be your own work (no taking things off the internet!!) and you must send in a .png or .gif or .jpeg image along with your account register and ID number to jade@design1online.com. The winner and runner-up will get a choice between a FREE upgrade or a retired horse returned to the game. Entries are due by May 29th. Pictures will be judged on creativity and how well you blended the horse with another animal or object. If you need free images you can use for this contest check out http://morguefile.com.
Arena and Summer Camps
4.21.2016 posted by jade@design1online.com
Hey guys, it's been a few busy weeks for me but I wanted to share some exciting news. We've started building the arena on our farm and I wanted to share some pictures so you can see it in progress! Also, I'm super excited to announce that I'll be holding summer camps at the farm in Warrenton, VA if anyone lives in the area and is interested in coming out to camp. It's currently limited to ages 6-12 and it's $400 a session which is Monday-Friday from 9am to 5pm and I have three different sessions available, one in the last week of July and the other two are the first two weeks in August. So without further ado, here's pictures of the arena in progress.

Easter Egg Hunt
3.21.2016 posted by jade@design1online.com
This coming Sunday login and join us on our annual Easter Egg Hunt! If you see an Egg click on it and you'll get a nice prize added to your account. Happy searching!
Spring Chat Party *Updated*
3.21.2016 posted by jade@design1online.com
Spring is in the air! I don't know about you guys but I am ready for warmer weather and more time outside enjoying the sun and riding my horses. To celebrate we're going to have a chat party, yay! If you need help figuring out what time the party is for you in your timezone please ask in the chat room. EST is the same as GT on the racing register. *Update* Crap guys, sorry I had the wrong date on here. I've fixed it.

Saturday March 26th, 8pm EST

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