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Arena and Summer Camps
4.21.2016 posted by jade@design1online.com
Hey guys, it's been a few busy weeks for me but I wanted to share some exciting news. We've started building the arena on our farm and I wanted to share some pictures so you can see it in progress! Also, I'm super excited to announce that I'll be holding summer camps at the farm in Warrenton, VA if anyone lives in the area and is interested in coming out to camp. It's currently limited to ages 6-12 and it's $400 a session which is Monday-Friday from 9am to 5pm and I have three different sessions available, one in the last week of July and the other two are the first two weeks in August. So without further ado, here's pictures of the arena in progress.

Easter Egg Hunt
3.21.2016 posted by jade@design1online.com
This coming Sunday login and join us on our annual Easter Egg Hunt! If you see an Egg click on it and you'll get a nice prize added to your account. Happy searching!
Spring Chat Party *Updated*
3.21.2016 posted by jade@design1online.com
Spring is in the air! I don't know about you guys but I am ready for warmer weather and more time outside enjoying the sun and riding my horses. To celebrate we're going to have a chat party, yay! If you need help figuring out what time the party is for you in your timezone please ask in the chat room. EST is the same as GT on the racing register. *Update* Crap guys, sorry I had the wrong date on here. I've fixed it.

Saturday March 26th, 8pm EST
East Coast Blizzard!
1.27.2016 posted by jade@design1online.com

Wow! Talk about a lot of snow. If you're on the east coast please take care of yourself and all of your critters in this mess. I thought you guys might enjoy some photos from around the farm. If you have photos and videos make sure you share them in the forums too!

Secret Admirers
Starting in February you'll see a new option in the mail to send a message as a secret admirer. Send your friends clues about who you are and then surprise them with a Valentines day treat on the 14th!

Happy New Year
1.4.2016 posted by jade@design1online.com

I hope everyone had a great new year and a wonderful holiday filled with lots of family, fun and friends. Oh and presents, we can't forget those either. Did you get what you wanted for Christmas? If not, don't worry there's always next year. I've updated the 30 days of giving list in the post below so please make sure you check to see if you won a prize. All of the money and upgrades have been awarded. Anyone who got a prize that needs to be mailed to them will need to email me.

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