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Easter Egg Hunt
3.27.2015 posted by Jade
Blue Easter Egg Get ready to look for some eggs! The hunt is on and will run from today until April 6th which is the day after Easter. If you see an Easter egg click on it to claim your prize -- I wonder what goodies you'll find inside?
Auto-Upgrades Fixed
3.16.2015 posted by Jade
Okay all of our sites have been successfully moved over to our new servers so this means our auto-upgrades are working again. I also fixed a bug on the racing register that was preventing you from branding a horse that was 8 or older. Now that all of our sites are transferred over I'm going to be working on getting our email back up again. Sorry this has been a weird server transfer because my internet at home is really slow now so that's made everything more complicated than it use to be. If you need to reach me please use my personal email for now: jadendreamer13@gmail.com.
Missing Upgrades?
3.2.2015 posted by Jade
Hey guys, our auto-upgrades haven't been working reliably because they're still on our old servers which keep crashing. If you upgraded recently and it hasn't shown up on your account please send me an email to jadendreamer13@gmail.com. Our email is also still hosed as I'm trying to get our design1online.com site switched over to the new servers so this is the best way to reach me right now. I apologise for any delays in receiving your upgrades.
Chat Giphy
2.27.2015 posted by Jade
Okay so our temporary chat keeps getting more and more "permanent" looking. I've added changing text colors, sound which will only work if you're using a HTML5 compliant browser (which basically means it works on everything except for IE -- yeah Internet Explorer you still stuck). I've also added in actions (type /a just like in our old chat) and smilies are in progress. But the best feature is gliphy -- type in /gliphy followed by any text you want and it will pull a random .gif image that it thinks will match what you type in. So if you haven't checked out the new chat yet please do and try typing in /giphy horse!
Chat Problems
2.21.2015 posted by Jade

So our chat room has been going up and down. This is because some of the code for the site is still on our old servers and they have been crashing a lot from network issues. I'm still in the process of moving old sites over to the new servers (taking so much longer than expected!!) and once this process is complete the chat will work properly again. Until then I can put up a temporary ajax chat which I will try to have finished this weekend.

Edit - New chatroom is up!

Edit 2 - If you were having problems posting in the new chat room this has been fixed. Please try again.

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