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Recently our help files were corrupted during a server change and we are in the process of re-building them for the new version of the game opening in August 2014. If you need help playing please visit the message boards and ask questions or you can email jade@whiteoakstables.net.

Thanks for your patience and understanding,

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this game free to play?
Yes! You can always play for free. There's no cost to join.

Do upgrades cost real money?
Yes. Upgrades cost real money, not game money. The cost of an upgrade ranges from $10 - $20 one time payments to $25 a year.

How do I buy a horse?
English - click on Your Account and then find the Buy A Horse button.

Racing - only stable owners can buy a horse. Stable owners go to Your Account, select Horses and find Buy A Horse.

How do I care for my horse?
English - Your horse must be fed, vetted and taken to a farrier on a regular basis. Go to Your Account, click on the horse you want to care for. Locate the feed button and buy feed for your horse. Next locate the Vet button and perform a vet procedure on your horse. Finally locate the farrier button and perform a farrier procedure on your horse. Horses that aren't cared for will die.

Racing - only stable owners and trainers can care for horses. Go to Your Account, then select Horses and find the Caretaker Checklist. Check the box for each horse next to the procedure you want to complete. When a horse is cared for the checkbox will be replaced by a colored square. When that's finished you still need to vet and farrier the horses. To do that you must go to Your Account, click on Horses, and then select the horse you want to vet or farrier. Locate the vet or farrier and pay them to care for your horse. If you don't have a vet or farrier yet you will need to assign one before you can pay them to care for your horse.

How do I show a horse?
English - Horses must be 2 or older to show in Halter and 4 or older to show in any other discipline. Go to Your Account and select Enter Shows. Pick the horse you want to show from the drop down list. Select the show you want to enter. Select how you want to ride your horse and hit the button when you're done.

Racing - only stable owners can show horses and horses must be 2-8 years old in order to race and have a trainer and jockey assigned to them. Go to Your Account and select Races. Select a race you want to enter. Only horses eligible for that race will appear in the drop down. Select a horse from the drop down and hit enter race.